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  Janis 7d412dcb06 Import optimisations, XML parser should handle special characters properly 7 months ago
  Janis 3510b21208 Fixed possible data inconsistencies and improved output 7 months ago
  Janis 442d627d41 Multithreaded database insertions 7 months ago
  Janis 28c8565cd1 Architecture refactored 7 months ago
  Janis 72255603e0 Semantic validator for opening hours added 7 months ago
  Janis 5a14ecfa6c Added matchers for the new badges 7 months ago
  Janis 8af8a23d55 OpeningRangeParser even more permissive 7 months ago
  Janis fad4eff9be Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 7 months ago
  Janis 8a2f5c5fb8 OpeningRangeParser improved 7 months ago
  Janis 146a05ebe5 LICENSE added 7 months ago
  Janis 3c4f1c1958 h 7 months ago
  Janis c3337d2e98 Minor fixes 7 months ago
  Janis 132b8c4eda First version 7 months ago
  Janis 59045a63df Opening range parser finished and tested 7 months ago
  Janis f9c7907c19 Refactoring 7 months ago
  Janis 45a6982664 Accessible badge added 7 months ago
  Janis b241d9debe Sorry for versioning these files, but the Kotlin pluging won't work 8 months ago
  Janis 787f9f242a Got rid of IntelliJ 8 months ago
  Janis 3d456e4ce3 XML parsing and general architecture 8 months ago
  Janis c84ae9e5f3 .gitignore updated 8 months ago
  Janis ce656d1fb4 Ticket is now a data class 8 months ago
  Janis 2b5af49b59 Use data classes where appropriate 8 months ago
  Janis 8d9df9420f Too much in .gitignore... 8 months ago
  Janis 52225e516a Initial commit 8 months ago