725 Commits (master)

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  Janis cb428de94c Merge branch 'partner-badge' 7 months ago
  Janis fc442e3842 Badges now use their specific layout resource 7 months ago
  Sternobaldius 132f534438 Add UI for special, elevated badges. Missing implementation. 8 months ago
  Janis b66597163a Partner badge now able to use separate layout resource 8 months ago
  Janis 26d4aae2bb Fix #382 8 months ago
  Janis c60c13dc53 Partner now sorted properly by relevance 8 months ago
  Janis 42ba9eb673 INEFFICIENT: First attempts to break dynamic linear layouts & Kotlin configuration 9 months ago
  Janis a796400c46 Partner badge is not addable by users 9 months ago
  Janis 1484b5797e Tiny tests 9 months ago
  Janis 55276b6f3d Relevance sort now considers partner cafés 9 months ago
  Janis f62e6168b8 Database version incremented 9 months ago
  Janis 065777e250 Badges now sorted (feature already tested) 9 months ago
  Janis 2dcc72c12a Added partner badge 9 months ago
  Janis c3cb1ccc1b JavaDoc 9 months ago
  Janis 9ed5464dcc Merge branch 'network-rework' 9 months ago
  Janis 8a9ed1d3d8 Fixed a bug during caching preventing the user id from being used properly 9 months ago
  Janis 844b20e2c0 JavaDoc; fix in add café ticket acceptor if no internet connection is present 9 months ago
  Janis 48c9cb8c0f Add cafe ticket accept logic implemented 9 months ago
  Janis 6ac9ecf940 First part of add café ticket acceptor implemented 9 months ago
  Janis e04a455e35 ResponseCodeException now used 9 months ago
  Janis 7424349eb4 Added ResponseCodeException 9 months ago
  Janis 96e8ccb9a3 Fixed possible bug when querying the ticket statūs 9 months ago
  Janis 2f209ead02 doRequest() now throws if the status code is not equal to HTTP_OK (200) 9 months ago
  Janis ee18281439 Fixed encoding error, local changes now persist 9 months ago
  Janis 17c091626d First tests of new protocol finished 9 months ago
  Sternobaldius 413bb7334a Fix #356 9 months ago
  Janis c5fc009d88 Javadoc 9 months ago
  Janis bf54de682d Formatting (pseudocommit) 9 months ago
  Janis 130118b733 Ticket status update logic implemented: All features ready for testing 9 months ago
  Janis 0631ad36ba Ticket ids now inserted to local database when sent to the server 9 months ago
  Janis 124cbb790e Added ticket querying logic 9 months ago
  Janis 2b9be822ac Get-requests now use URL-Parameters 9 months ago
  Janis 855b0dfe34 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/network-rework' into network-rework 9 months ago
  Janis 7ee1c8d552 If a user requests to clear the database its tickets will now also be deleted 9 months ago
  Janis 84def7f809 Added ResolutionStatus for Tickets, fixed caching bug in SQLite 9 months ago
  Janis 5590f72f26 New JSON-keys added 9 months ago
  janis d99b41de25 Database and architecture now handles unresolved tickets altering cafés completely 9 months ago
  janis 3dff7d8393 Database version incremented 9 months ago
  Janis 46d29440db UnresolvedTicket table added, bug in database cleanup fixed 9 months ago
  Janis d1e994d80f JSON-parser now extracts the data-subobject 9 months ago
  Janis c6b3d4651b Constants for new network protocol added 9 months ago
  Janis f2375395a4 Added content type header 9 months ago
  Janis 88617ef26c Parts of black eye's protocol implemented (Request methods and new URLs) 9 months ago
  Janis cd30d74b27 Tickets now accepted from main thread (only accepting, no data source access) 9 months ago
  Janis ebca7505dd ContentManager's cache now also updated if user opens a ticket 9 months ago
  Janis 86889d60e7 Database part of instant ticket displaying added 9 months ago
  Janis e1cd0c0f54 Local ticket acceptor added 9 months ago
  Janis 414708379e Barista server now used to check internet connection 9 months ago
  Janis 05c886dc9c Users can now decide if interactive content may be sent using mobile data 10 months ago
  Janis 42ba99c5ce Fixed a typo (selete) in the issue template 9 months ago